Steel Equipment - B & B Hazell Sheet Metal Works

Metal Working Tools

At B&B Hazell, we have invested in the best metal working tools the market has on offer. We do this so that we are fully equipped to deliver on the high-quality custom metal solutions we offer our clients – and have been doing so for the last 30 years.

Included in our inventory of metal working tools is a 60-tonne and 160-tonne press, plasma cutters, MIG and TIG welders, rollers, 6mm and 10mm guillotines for cutting and vibro shears (louvring). This machinery is best for straight cutting, circle cutting, slot cutting, louvre cutting, beading, folding, dishing, nibbling and flanging of sheet metal, brass, aluminium and stainless steel.

This gives you the flexibility for customization and getting the metal fabrication solution you really want.

If you’ve got an idea, our metal working tools have the ability to turn it into something real.

How we use them

Our team of experts are highly trained to use this equipment. Because our customers require the highest quality products, we give our people the highest quality training. Part of that training is how to use the equipment we use everyday.

This is how we differentiate from every other steel supplier in our market. Not only do we supply steel and metal products, but we have the machinery to turn our material into a tangible metal solution for our clients.

What we can make

With our metal working tools, the team at B&B Hazell can build a vast range of products for you, including:

  • Tool boxes and cabinets
  • Electrical boxes and switch rooms
  • Harvest parts and fertiliser parts
  • Stainless steel and aluminium work
  • All general sheet metal bench work
  • Air-conditioning ductwork
  • Trailer Panels
  • Marine parts and articles
  • Roof flashings, wall flashings and curved flashings for weather protection

If you’ve dreamt it, our equipment can possibly make it happen.

Make sheet metal do what you want it to do with our state of the art equipment.