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Metal Repairs Mackay

Sometimes, metal glue doesn’t do it

We wish it was that easy, but often it isn’t. When you’ve got general metal repairs to do, metal glue sometimes provides a quick fix, however if you’re looking to rejoin broken metal parts with a long lasting effect, you’ll need the professionals.

Whether it’s plumbing infrastructure, tool boxes, bench tops, switch rooms, guards and covers – if it can be repairable, the team at B&B Hazell can do it.

With over 30 years experience in the metal industry, the team of experts will be able to do what no metal glue can, and restore your metal product to the strength and aesthetic it used to hold. If you’ve got a damaged metal product that needs fixing, give one of our team members a call today.

The experience behind the product

Behind any metal repairs product is a metal repairs person. If this person doesn’t have the technical capabilities and industry experience and knowledge, then chances are the metal repair job will not get completed to the standard that will keep the metal product repaired.

All of the team members at B&B Hazell have been training by experts with over 30 years experience in the industry, meaning they’ll be able to do what no metal glue can do, every time.

Repairing metal can also be dangerous, exposing strong, sharp and potentially harmful edges and points. Also, the welding equipment used to repair metal requires a vast amount of year’s experience and training, so whatever your metal repairs needs – call the experts at B&B Hazell today on 07 4951 2937.

Our process

As an ethical steel supplier, we hold to a core process across all of our metal fabrication products and service, ensuring that our customers get the best experience of us and the products they walk away from B&B Hazell possible.

The process is simple:

  1. Speak with you over the phone or in person to get a solid understanding of what you need
  2. Provide an obligation free and fixed price quote
  3. Custom design your welding and fabrication solution
  4. Test it and make sure it works
  5. Deliver on time

If it needs to be fixed.

Our experts will ensure its long lasting quality.